With the start of the Santander League: #soccergraphR

With the start of the Liga Santander in Spain, I share a very interesting R library that I share with the community in social networks  @Vdot_Spain for all the analysts and data scientist of the football world.

According to @Vdot_Spain: “soccergraphR v0.1 MVP is the first step in helping analysts, journalists, and clubs understand and manage @OptaJose information with #Rstats. You can install it from Github“.

The soccergraphR bookstore is designed for all those who work with OPTA data and so that people who are studying or want to know the data can analyze them and visualize and analyze them. With this library you will be able to:

  • Parse the Opta xml (There are 6 example files: f24, f28,2xpass,stats and srml)
  • Analyze Pass Graphs and Radar Graphs
  • Analyze the shooting ranges
  • Pass heat maps
  • Corner analysis
  • Radar charts according to the statistics of a season
  • Analyze possessions and events by area
  • Analyze advance pass networks
  • Analyze recoveries and associated shots.

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